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Intellectual Property 

“When you find yourself embroiled in a dispute involving Intellectual Property, you need lawyers that have experience in handling those types of disputes. You need lawyers that not only understand the legal issues, but you also need lawyers that understand your business objectives”

“Having litigated countless IP cases, PQE is particularly well-suited to use that knowledge in preparing patent applications, trademark applications, copyright registrations, providing opinions and general IP counseling”

PQE is a full-service intellectual property law firm dedicated to providing exceptional legal service to companies and individuals.  The firm’s attorneys have a core practice that emphasizes patent litigation and licensing for clients seeking hourly or contingent fee representation, and the preparation and prosecution of patent applications.  Its attorneys also register trademarks and copyrights, protect trade secrets, conduct due diligence in business transactions, render opinions and counsel clients regarding a broad range of intellectual property issues.

PQE represents clients all over the United States.  To learn more about the firm, see our About Us section  To learn more about the firm’s areas of practice, see our Practice Areas section

Practice Areas

Patent Litigation

Ted and Dale have worked together since 1996 on numerous patent litigations, trademark litigations, copyright litigations and trade secret litigations (both on contingent fee and hourly basis). Whether we are looking at the merits of a potential litigation on behalf...
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To obtain or enforce a patent, an inventor must adhere to the numerous and complicated requirements set forth in the United States patent laws and regulations. Because of the sheer number of regulations, as well as their often-intricate wording, a...
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A trademark is a word, used to identify and distinguish the source of the goods of one party from those of others. Some examples include:  Brand names  Slogans  Logos The word “trademark” is usually used in a sense to refer...
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PQE can assist individuals and businesses in obtaining a Copyright registration and protecting or enforcing that Copyright. Copyright infringement lawsuits can also be offered on a contingency basis. Copyright protection is there for original works of authors that are in...
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Trade Secrets

Trade secrets is the confidential data that gives an enterprise a competitive edge, they include manufacturing or industrial secrets as well as commercial secrets, if such information is used by an unauthorized person, it is known as the violation of...
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Contingent Fee Patent Litigation

As part of the firm’s contingent fee patent litigation practice, we represent independent inventors and small companies who lack the resources to litigate or license their intellectual property against infringers. We also represent large companies that seek a more cost...
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Recent News

12 Mar
Two Federal Circuit decisions in February on Alice caught my eye. The first was Berkheimer v. HP Inc. which was decided on February 8, 2018. Berkheimer was an appeal from the Northern District of Illinois court granting summary judgment in favor of the accused infringer, in part, that claims were patent ineligible under 35 U.S.C. Section 101. The Federal Circuit held the claims were directed to an abstract idea, and then moved on to the second part of the Alice...
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31 Jan
Reading opinions on what evidence courts allow in or exclude are useful for attorneys to consider when preparing and building a case well before trial, including defining the roles of experts. In Ceats, Inc. v Ticketnetwork. Inc., et. al., 2:15 –cv-1470, (E.D. Tex. Jan 17, 2018) the court in the Eastern District of Texas was required to address the limits of permissible expert testimony in a licensing dispute over royalties. The parties to that dispute had settled a prior patent...
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3 Jan
In the aftermath of the Supreme Court’s TC Heartland decision and In re Cray from the Federal Circuit, litigants are attempting to determine the boundaries of proper and improper venue for patent infringement cases. This, of course, leads to disputes concerning what information and facts are relevant and what are not. As courts wrestle with these issues, it will be interesting to see if the boundaries of discovery are bright and uniform across all patent cases, or if they become...
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14 Sep
POLASEK, QUISENBERRY & ERRINGTON, L.L.P. (PQE) (located in the Houston, Texas area) is an intellectual property law firm dedicated to protecting and enforcing clients’ intellectual property on an hourly, modified billing or contingent-fee basis. PQE has handled numerous contingent fee patent infringement litigations since its inception in 2002.  While PQE provides a full range of intellectual property services, its emphasis is on contingent fee patent litigation and licensing.

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