Houston Intellectual Property Lawyers: About PQE

PQE was founded in September 2002 by Ted PolasekDale Quisenberry and Colin Errington to assist clients in protecting intellectual property rights including United States patents, trademarks and copyrights.  The firm’s chief focus remains to serve clients in their goal of licensing and protecting their intellectual property as contingent fee patent lawyers.

PQE attorneys offer clients the unique combination of experienced attorneys with backgrounds in engineering for patent infringement suits and patent licensing negotiations on an hourly, contingent-fee or modified billing basis.

The partners of PQE have worked together since 1996 on numerous patent, trademark, copyright, and trade secret litigations on both contingent fee and hourly bases.  The firm’s partners also help clients with the acquisition and licensing of patents, trademarks and copyrights in a broad spectrum of technologies.

Our attorneys have backgrounds in chemical, mechanical and electrical engineering.  The firm handles cases in a multitude of technologies including: battery saving circuits, modulation techniques, cellular telecommunications software and circuitry, computer chip testing systems, chip layout design systems, piezo-electric motors, offshore platform installations, cosmetics, navigation systems, contact lens cleaning solutions, hair coloring products, surgical instruments and solutions, ski pole strap systems, oil production tools, golf equipment, GPS Technology, and health care products and systems.

Although past performance is no guarantee of future results we can proudly say as a result of our attorney’s work on numerous intellectual property matters, our clients have collected some outstanding fees.

Our Goals:

As a small firm, PQE strives to give its clients the personal attention their intellectual property deserves, quickly responding to its clients’ questions, requests and needs. While our small size benefits our clients by enabling us to respond rapidly with personal attention, the firm has a wealth of experience successfully handling large, time-demanding cases

Our entrepreneurial spirit matches that of our clients and PQE is eager to embrace the challenges of handling intellectual property cases on a contingent fee, modified billing or straight hourly basis.

Most intellectual property lawsuits are rarely resolved by a jury, so the talent to persuade the trial judge and appellate judges is critical. That’s why PQE invests substantial time and energy in its legal writings and oral arguments presented to these judges. The partners of PQE are adept through briefing and argument at convincing courts to adopt their clients’ positions.