PQE takes on a variety of cases and subject areas and has extensive experience with infringement litigation. Because we are a boutique firm, we are able to offer a variety of fee options to clients, including hourly, contingency fee, and mixed fee arrangements to assist our clients in the enforcement and defense of their intellectual property disputes.

Representative Cases:

Below is a sample of our firm’s representative cases and technology areas:

Adrain v. American Honda Motor Co., Inc. et al – image recognition
Belfer Cosmetics, LLC v. Estee Lauder Inc. et al.  – cosmetic formulations
Contech Arch Technologies, Inc. v. Tricon Precast, Ltd. and McCann Concrete Products, Inc.
Corydoras Technologies, LLC v. Apple Inc. – telecommunications
Dietgoal Innovations, LLC v. Taco John’s International, Inc. – menu software
Gaits of Gold, Inc. and Brenda Imus v. Circle Y Saddles, Inc. – riding saddle/trademark/unfair competition
InSyst, Ltd. v. Applied Materials, Inc., et al. – process control
Jimmy J. Fulks v. Crownline Boats, Inc. – boat design
Last Place In Texas, Inc., v. Taste of Texas, Incorporated – trademark
Levine v. Samsung Telecommunications America, LLC et al – telecommunications
Morris Reese v. Aastra Telecom U.S., Inc., et al – telecommunications
Steven J. Orosz, Jr. et al. v. Sears, Roebuck and Co. – laser level
Traffic Information, LLC v. AT&T Mobility LLC – traffic information and mapping
Tune Hunter, Inc. v. Samsung Telecommunications America, LLC et al – music identification
Wavefront Technology Solutions Inc. v. Impact Technology Systems AS, et al – oilfield tool/downhole tool

Patent Litigation:

We have experience in litigating patent, trademark, copyright and trade secret disputes. Our firm provides solutions for clients that need legal assistance without incurring out-of-pocket expenses for attorney’s fees by offering contingent-fee arrangements and mixed hourly and contingency arrangements, flat-fee and traditional hourly fee arrangements.

In addition to our attorneys being licensed to practice in several states and federal courts, PQE also has a long history of joint representation and great relationships with other patent and general firms and may be used to complement their existing counsel.


The United State Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO) issues patents, which gives the owner of this intellectual property the limited right to exclude others from making, using, offering to sell or selling the patented invention(s) in the United States. This exclusionary right typically last for 20 years from the day that the application for the patent was filed. Pursuant to the Constitution of the United States, by awarding patents to inventors that exclude other (for a limited time) from using their discoveries, the USPTO is promoting the progress of science, i.e., new developments, ideas and breakthroughs are disclosed to the public through patents, enabling the public to improve and discover other new developments, ideas and breakthroughs. While the time, effort and costs invested in creating fresh innovations and in obtaining a patent to protect the innovations may be extremely high, this investment is balanced by the reward of having the exclusive right to preclude others from benefiting from those innovations.

To obtain or enforce a patent, an inventor must adhere to the numerous and complicated requirements set forth in the United States patent laws and regulations. Because of the sheer number of regulations, as well as their often-intricate wording, a person unfamiliar with patents may overlook or misconstrue these requirements. PQE is primed to assist its clients in obtaining and/or enforcing patents.


A trademark is a word, used to identify and distinguish the source of the goods of one party from those of others. Some examples include:
• Brand names
• Slogans
• Logos

The word “trademark” is usually used in a sense to refer to both trademarks and service marks.
Trademarks differ from patents and copyrights in a way that they do not expire after a set term of years. A trademark can last so long as you continue to use the mark in commerce to indicate the source of goods and services.

Trademark Registrations can be done through Polasek, Quisenberry & Errington LLP.


It is a kind of intellectual property protection given by the laws of the United States.
Copyright protection is there for original works of authors that are in a tangible form, it can be published or unpublished. The kinds of work that can be protected by copyright laws include:
• Paintings,
• Literary works
• Live performances
• Photographs
• Movies
• Software

The main goal of copyright law is to safeguard the time, endeavors, and creativity of the work’s creator.

The Copyright Act gives the copyright owner certain exclusive rights, including Reproduce the work:
• Prepare other works based on the original work.
• Sell/Distribute copies of the work by sale, lease, or transfer of ownership
• Perform the work in front of people
• Showcase the work publicly

Having an extensive knowledge and limitation of copyrights acts lets us protect your intellectual property like no other law firm.

Trade Secrets:

Trade secrets is the confidential data that gives an enterprise a competitive edge, they include manufacturing or industrial secrets as well as commercial secrets, if such information is used by an unauthorized person, it is known as the violation of the trade secret.

While a final determination of what information is considered a trade secret will depend on the circumstances of each individual case, clearly unfair practices in respect of secret information include industrial or commercial breach of contract and breach of confidence.

It is impossible to imagine that any business could ever operate without having trade secrets protected. The trouble is that most small businesses don’t know what a trade secret is, what trade secrets they have, nor do they know what could be protected as a trade secret. Here at Polasek, Quisenberry & Errington LLP, we help them understand and protect the trade secrets of an organization.

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