Patent Venue Discovery

In the aftermath of the Supreme Court’s TC Heartland decision and In re Cray from the Federal Circuit, litigants are attempting to determine the boundaries of proper and improper venue for patent infringement cases. This, of course, leads to disputes concerning what information and facts are relevant and what are not. As courts wrestle with these issues, it will be interesting to see if the boundaries of discovery are bright and uniform across all patent cases, or if they become … Continued

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POLASEK, QUISENBERRY & ERRINGTON, L.L.P. (PQE) (located in the Houston, Texas area) is an intellectual property law firm dedicated to protecting and enforcing clients’ intellectual property on an hourly, modified billing or contingent-fee basis. PQE has handled numerous contingent fee patent infringement litigations since its inception in 2002.  While PQE provides a full range of intellectual property services, its emphasis is on contingent fee patent litigation and licensing.

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PQE attorneys offer clients the unique combination of experienced attorneys with backgrounds in engineering for patent infringement suits and patent licensing negotiations on an hourly, contingent-fee or modified billing basis.