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The United State Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO) issues patents, which gives the owner of this intellectual property the limited right to exclude others from making, using, offering to sell or selling the patented invention(s) in the United States. This exclusionary right typically last for 20 years from the day that the application for the patent was filed. Pursuant to the Constitution of the United States, by awarding patents to inventors that exclude other (for a limited time) from using their discoveries, the USPTO is promoting the progress of science, i.e., new developments, ideas and breakthroughs are disclosed to the public through patents, enabling the public to improve and discover other new developments, ideas and breakthroughs. While the time, effort and costs invested in creating fresh innovations and in obtaining a patent to protect the innovations may be extremely high, this investment is balanced by the reward of having the exclusive right to preclude others from benefiting from those innovations.

To obtain or enforce a patent, an inventor must adhere to the numerous and complicated requirements set forth in the United States patent laws and regulations. Because of the sheer number of regulations, as well as their often-intricate wording, a person unfamiliar with patents may overlook or misconstrue these requirements. PQE is primed to assist its clients in obtaining and/or enforcing patents.