Patent Litigation

Patent Litigation

Ted and Dale have worked together since 1996 on numerous patent litigations, trademark litigations, copyright litigations and trade secret litigations (both on contingent fee and hourly basis). Whether we are looking at the merits of a potential litigation on behalf of a patent owner or on behalf of an accused infringer, a lawsuit that has been filed, we carefully scrutinize the matter to give our clients the best advice possible. For example, we carefully review and analyze the patent, its file history, relevant prior art, the systems, products or methods potential implicated, relevant license agreements and other additional documentation as may be necessary. WE meet with our clients to discuss these issues and develop a strategy. For potential contingency lawsuits, these legal services are performed at no charge to the client.

Our litigation and licensing of intellectual property matters include patent infringement suits, trade secret misappropriation suits, trademark infringement suits, copyright litigation, and other unfair competition and related complex matters.

In patent litigation, one of the most important aspects of the case is claim construction. In a claim construction hearing, also known as a Markman hearing, the scope of the claims of the patent are argued by the attorneys for each side and the claim language is construed by the court. Whether you are a patent owner or an accused infringer, you want attorneys that understand the importance of this aspect of the case and that can advance your positions to the court. We are also well versed in many cutting-edge issues in patent litigation, such as Alice and venue challenges.

Below is a sample of the litigations and technology areas that PQE’s attorneys have handled:

Contech Arch Technologies, Inc. v. Tricon Precast, Ltd. and McCann Concrete Products, Inc. – road construction products
Dietgoal Innovations, LLC v. Taco John’s International, Inc. – menu software
Gaits of Gold, Inc. and Brenda Imus v. Circle Y Saddles, Inc. – riding saddle/trademark/unfair competition
Last Place In Texas, Inc., v. Taste of Texas, Incorporated – trademark
Wavefront Technology Solutions Inc. v. Impact Technology Systems AS, et al – oilfield tool/downhole tool
Wavefront Energy and Environmental Services, Inc. v. Applied Seismic Research Corporation
Mobili Malerba SNC, d/b/a/ Malerba Furniture, and Cantoni, LP v. Total Furniture, LLC