Practice Areas

Polasek, Quisenberry & Errington, LLP is a law firm dedicated to obtaining, protecting and enforcing our clients’ Intellectual Property. The Laws and Regulations of the United States of America provide rights and protections for owners of property. Property that results from mental expressions and creation (i.e., ideas) is called Intellectual Property. There are four basic types of Intellectual Property—Patents, Trademarks, Copyrights and Trade Secrets. Accordingly, Polasek, Quisenberry & Errington focuses on litigation and licensing to enforce Patents, Trademarks, Copyrights and Trade Secrets. Polasek, Quisenberry & Errington, LLP also assists its clients in obtaining United States Patents and foreign counterpart patents and registering Trademarks and Copyrights.

Patent Litigation

Ted and Dale have worked together since 1996 on numerous patent litigations, trademark litigations, copyright litigations and trade secret litigations (both on contingent fee and hourly basis). Whether we are looking at the merits of a potential litigation on behalf of a patent owner or on behalf of an accused infringer, a lawsuit that has been filed, we carefully scrutinize the matter to give our clients the best advice possible. For example, we carefully review and analyze the patent, its...
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To obtain or enforce a patent, an inventor must adhere to the numerous and complicated requirements set forth in the United States patent laws and regulations. Because of the sheer number of regulations, as well as their often-intricate wording, a person unfamiliar with patents may overlook or misconstrue these requirements. PQE is primed to assist its clients in obtaining and/or enforcing patents. The United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO) issues patents, which gives the owner of this intellectual property...
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A trademark is a word, used to identify and distinguish the source of the goods of one party from those of others. Some examples include:  Brand names  Slogans  Logos The word “trademark” is usually used in a sense to refer to both trademarks and service marks. Trademarks differ from patents and copyrights in a way that they do not expire after a set term of years. A trademark can last so long as you continue to use the mark in...
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PQE can assist individuals and businesses in obtaining a Copyright registration and protecting or enforcing that Copyright. Copyright infringement lawsuits can also be offered on a contingency basis. Copyright protection is there for original works of authors that are in a tangible form, it can be published or unpublished. The kinds of work that can be protected by copyright laws include: • Paintings, • Literary works • Live performances • Photographs • Movies • Software  

Trade Secrets

Trade secrets is the confidential data that gives an enterprise a competitive edge, they include manufacturing or industrial secrets as well as commercial secrets, if such information is used by an unauthorized person, it is known as the violation of the trade secret. While a final determination of what information is considered a trade secret will depend on the circumstances of each individual case, clearly unfair practices in respect of secret information include industrial or commercial breach of contract and...
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Contingent Fee Patent Litigation

As part of the firm’s contingent fee patent litigation practice, we represent independent inventors and small companies who lack the resources to litigate or license their intellectual property against infringers. We also represent large companies that seek a more cost effective way to enforce their intellectual property. PQE understands that few companies and individuals have open pocket-books. Most litigants that are capable of paying hourly fees expect attorneys to be cost-conscious, yet provide highly effective representation. PQE understands these concerns....
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